Dog and Cat Hospice Consultations in Toronto


Has your pet recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness or are you concerned about your aging pet's quality of life? Our mobile hospice service in Toronto can help you schedule a hospice consultation to determine the next steps for your pet's care.

Due to the time we dedicate to each visit (1-2 hours), consultations are available during the day Monday through Friday only. Currently, our consultation appointments are being done via telemedicine only. Our veterinarians have access to a range of technology platforms to facilitate these video calls, including Zoom and FaceTime, and can effectively observe your pet in his or her own environment as well as help you navigate through this confusing and emotional time.

Veterinary consultations in Toronto, Ontario
Dog relaxing at home during the consultation

Quality of Life Assessments

If you are having feelings of guilt about euthanizing your pet or you are not sure if this is the right time to do so, a consultation with one of our specially trained registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) may help make this heart-wrenching decision easier. We will discuss several ways to determine your pet’s quality of life. Your pet trusts and relies on you to decide what is best for them. So together, you and one of our RVTs will evaluate your own needs and concerns and those of your pet. Please note: this is a non-medical assessment so the RVT is unable to change or prescribe medications.

We will discuss the manner in which you may want your pet to pass, along with your desires for marking or memorializing your pet exactly the way you want. Although these are very difficult and emotionally charged discussions, owners will often cope better with the loss of their pet if they have prepared for it through these discussions.

Please call (416) 817-3572 to learn more about our services as you begin to think about this phase of your pet's life.