Dog and Cat Hospice Consultations in Toronto


Has your pet recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness or are you concerned about your aging pet's quality of life? Our mobile hospice service in Toronto can help you schedule a consultation to determine the next steps for your pet's care.

Currently, we offer two type of consultation appointments via telemedicine, depending on the needs of you and your pet. The first is a non-medical 1 hour quality of life assessment with one of our specially trained registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) and the second is a full 1-2 hour hospice consultation with one of our compassionate veterinarians. Both types of appointments are typically available during the day Monday through Friday only. Our veterinary care providers have access to a range of technology platforms to facilitate these video calls (i.e. Zoom and FaceTime) and can effectively observe your pet in his or her own environment as well as help you navigate through this confusing and emotional time.

Veterinary consultations in Toronto, Ontario
Dog relaxing at home during the consultation

The Hospice Consultation Appointment

The hospice consultation with one of our compassionate veterinarians will begin with a review of your pet’s medical history and in-take form (sent via email before your appointment), followed by a discussion of your pet’s current condition or illness. Time will be spent discussing your pet’s activities of daily living including nutritional and hydration needs, pain management, assessment of quality of life and much, much more.

An in-depth conversation regarding your concerns, fears, needs, and goals regarding the condition of your pet including frank discussions about your pet’s nearing end of life and possible euthanasia, where appropriate, will also occur. Feelings of anticipatory grief will be discussed when deemed necessary. You will then receive a personalized care plan, as well as prescriptions for any recommended medications, if needed.

All of the information shared during the consultation will be included in your personalized plan, as well as information and action plans to help ensure your pet does not suffer during his or her last months, weeks or days at home. 30 minute follow-up appointments can be arranged via telemedicine, as necessary, at an additional cost.

Please call (416) 817-3572 or email us at to learn more about our services as you begin to think about this phase of your pet's life. If you are ready to book an appointment, you may also fill out an online appointment request here.