Hospice care, which includes palliative care, is an emerging area in veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians are helping to change the way geriatric and/or terminally ill pets receive treatment and we work with other clinics to share what we have learned.  See the articles below for more insight on Dr. Banks' philosophy about end-of-life care and why she chose this area of medicine.

Older Beagle Walking

Faithful Pet Memorial and Pets at Peace aim to help people through the trauma of losing a loved one


Veterinarian Dr. Faith Banks offers pets and their owners support and help when they are saying goodbye.


Palliative and end-of-life home care are growing and accepted parts of modern medicine for people.


At first, they open the door to their home and greet me with "you have the worst job in the world," followed by "how do you do this?"


I always wanted to be a veterinarian. My love for animals coupled with my interest in science meant veterinary medicine was a natural fit. It was my plan, my only plan and I didn't have a back up.


Dorothy knew it, and Fluffy and Fido knew it, too - there really is no place like home. Many people comment to me that their pets dislike going to the veterinary clinic.